Grado GS1000e


I’ve seen a lot of headphones, but this one catches my eyes. Even if the headphone does not sound good, I would still buy it as a decor for the house. Looks pretty damn awesome I must say! Fortunately, its not the case – says the review all over the net.

I recently acquired SR125 – which is a “plastic can”, it does sound good but hey who said good is good enough :p It does look good too, but there are better headphones out there. I always tell my mates that this headphones business is a black hole, I am just holding by the cliff to avoid dropping into the deepest ocean. Man – the ocean is way too deep. Let’s not talk about the cans, there are also the headphones amps that cost tens of thousands!

Grado GS1000e at Kinfolk

The pretty headphone above looks just amazing. After many years, it’ll look even better. The wood would have aged more and give it an old school look. According to the specs:

Transducer Type: Dynamic
Operating Principle: Open Air
Frequency Response: 8 – 35,000 hz
SPL 1mW: 99.8 dB
Normal Impedance: 32 ohms
Driver Matched dB: .05 dB

Compared to my SR125 where its..

Transducer Type: Dynamic
Operating Principle: Open Air
Frequency Response: 20 – 20,000 hz
SPL 1mW: 99.8 dB
Normal Impedance: 32 ohms
Driver Matched dB: .1 dB

Damn there’s a lot of frequency I am missing. Compared to my Shure which is 18Hz – 19,0000Hz… heh heh. damn these headphones will sound better (but who said that I am look at numbers).



Temptations – temptations…


Maybank Cardless Withdrawal

Screenshot 2015-04-19 07.40.17

In the past year, I’ve been losing my memory! Or rather been a bit too careless. There have been many instances where I left my wallet at home, resulting me driving around illegally without license, in addition to not having cash at all! This is really bad – serious.

Yesterday – I went out for brunch/lunch together with the rest of my family – thank god for the not so clear photo taken by the waiter. Hehe. I usually don’t like to have my photo taken in public, but I guess it is what it is:)


After reaching Empire Shopping Gallery, I realised that my wallet was not with me. Unlike previous incidences, I am pretty sure that I didn’t carry it. It’s probably is still in my motorcycle jacket (and it was). I guess no money. I keep on telling my sister that I have no money to pay for lunch, and one of them will need to pay for it :)

Anyway – to cut things short, whilst waiting for them to come (yes I was on time which is 11.30am), I decided to flip around and remembered my ex-colleague (Amran) told me about the cardless withdrawal with Maybank. So i decided to trigger this thru my Maybank2u app on my phone and transfer the monies. Maximum of 300 bucks, which is more than enough. Immediately, I receive SMS from them – it’s way faster than TAC!



The first SMS above I received, is a notification to yourself. Where I am supposed to pass the 6 digit code to your friend (which is in this case is myself!). The second SMS is a 16/17 digit code that the recipient receives :)

After getting the SMS-es, I headed over to ATM and withdraw the cash!


First is to put in the mobile number, followed up by the 16/17 digits D


Next, I put in the 6 digit code… wooo whoo.


The money magically appeared!



At the same time, I also received a notification of the cash has been withdrawn. Pretty good.

Seriously – I think as we move on, this is the way to go. In fact, why do I need an ATM card, why can’t I just use my phone to withdraw cash ALL THE TIME. It’s so easy – seriously :)


Trip to Tanjung Malim again


I have not been riding a while due to work commitment. In fact today is also a working day. Sigh. Good? Well we need to work to make money.. Otherwise who is going pay for toys and food?

This morning – immediately I woke up, first thought is to “warm up” the engine. Typically I will go up to Genting, but lately I have been hearing bad stuffs about the condition of the road. Not good at all. Thus I decided to ride to Tanjung Malim.. Yet again. It’s boring straight road but food is good. I intended to eat at Yik Mun for some pau, but I was too early. 


Well, I saw a Kelantanese Place. Open and looks pretty damn good. There were quite a few people buying breakfast there. I must say, first thought – food must be good. I decided to order Nasi Dagang. 



It’s the real deal!!


Yum yum. I have this soft spot for Nasi Dagang. It’s not the most healthiest food, but it’s probably one of the most tastiest. Yum yum. 



I was so full that I couldn’t eat much for lunch. Yum yum. Salivating…

I think I will go here when I go to Tanjung Malim again. Pau is boring.   

My Time


Is this real? Is there such thing as a My Time during work days. In the recent months, since I got to be extremely busy – I am always stucked with back to back meeting. With these type of days – I am always forced to work late, and things piled up extremely fast. The moment I procrastinate or failed to finish a particular task, it gets delayed so long beyond comprehensible. So what do I do?

Well – My Time is a concept that I created such away that I create pockets of time in between different time of the days that exclusively for me. I won’t sit in meetings nor conference calls. I would just focus on the work at hand for my self. This is challenging – but we need to do this to avoid people from disturbing you during work days.

There are few things that I do to get My Time:

  • Block 1 hour in the morning – exclusively for me to plan my day. I won’t attend any other calls nor meetings. This time usually is extremely early which is 8.00am – 9.00am. The time is officially blocked in my calendar.
  • Block 1 hour for lunch in the afternoon – this is to ensure I have proper meal during the day. If I skip lunch – I will be f**ed.
  • Block time to work on a particular task. To do list is great, but blocking your time allows you to manage your day better.

By doing the 3 things above, its just awesome. In addition to having My Time to do my own work, I will also able to judge my workload better by looking at the available time slots for me to do other things. Most days I get stuck with people blocking the whole day for meetings. Yes – it’s great, but if I don’t have time to work on it – no point also!!!