Read an article on HBR.ORG on how should we have our meetings. In the past couple of months, I’ve been extremely busy. Seriously super busy. In fact – the picture below show how packed is my schedule!


First meeting being at 8am – all the way till 8.30pm. There’s a gap between 6pm-6.45pm. That’s because the call just got cancelled! Otherwise, I’ll be having meetings straight the whole day. Hence, why the article on is extremely useful.



Such process I need to really remember, EVERYTIME. There are a lot of instances where the call ended up to be just 10 minutes because it didn’t go thru a proper qualification. Yes, its great that we have a call or meeting – but allocating an hour or half hour is not fair for my other engagements. My problem – I have way too many calls or meetings. Just way way too many. I need to cut down as much as I can.

Apart from going thru this process, I am also trying to change the way I asked for a meeting. At any point when I ask for meeting, my invite will have two things (at least):

  • Objective and Expectation – List of things to achieve during the meeting/calls
  • Prep Work – Preparation work that needs to be done prior to the meeting. This I find very important because a lot of time we go into a meeting or calls unprepared – resulting in creation of a follow up calls. This then become a vicious cycle.

I need to work harder to make myself more efficient. I can’t be going home late every night, its too tiring and I’ll end up burning out.

Cendol Bakar


Today I decided to do a short road trip to Kuala Selangor(again!!). With LATAR expressway; the place once a hours drive is now reachable within 45 mins on a busy Saturday traffic. 

After I had lunch at Bagan Restaurant, a corner restaurant nearest to the entrance to the tower. Had to find what’s dessert. In fact the whole idea of the trip is to try out the infamous cendol bakar

The cendol bakar place is located in Bukit Rotan, along the way to Kuala Selangor from LATAR. If you notice, it also have a drive thru!! Impressive.

Parking, well I wasn’t sure whether it’s ample. There was a wedding right across the road causing mild traffic, and bunch of people parking by the roadside. Normal days when I ride my bike – it’s not as busy. 

Here’s the menu. Look pretty disturbing I must say. 

Here’s the durian pulut. Too sweet and don’t quite fancy Nate de coco inside my cendol!

Here’s the normal one.  A tad sweet but the extra caramellized gula melaka is pretty good. 

During a hot day, this helps. A glass of cold water will be a good companion too. 

Despite in being too sweet, I was able to go on sugar overdose!!!

A lot of people leh. Haha

Nokia 215


I recently purchased a new phone. Not those thousand dollar phones but just a normal antique phone that has been modernized.

According to the specification, the phone is supposed to have a standby time of 29 days that’s a bit less than a month.

Why do I have 2 phones? Well given that we are in the state of smartphones, battery life sucks. In addition to that, I would also want to make sure that I have decent coverage and signal whenever I travel during my biking trips.

My second line is a Celcom line. Perfect I tell you. The phone is simultaneous dual sim phone. Hence I can put both my maxis and Celcom. In case I am out battery, I can still use this phone to make calls. What I am not sure is how to bloody transfer the contacts. I’ll figure it out later.

But I am pretty excited. For RM139.00 – it solves a lot of my problems.

Bring back memories 


in my past life, I spent a lot of time going thru traffic to go office. It’s just crazy. I guess now that I am taking a new role in the firm, I need to go to Subang Hi Tech Park to  work. Traffic is just madness. 

Adapting to new environment, I need to figure out my workout routine. I need to go back to being in the gym by 630 so that I can skip traffic and get my workout done ASAP. 

Dhaka – We should be grateful


Few years ago – I made a trip to Dhaka for photography. Honestly – the trip was a mind changing trip as I was able to experience the level of poverty that one couldn’t imagine. It was really really sad.

The cost of the photography equipment that I brought – is probably more than what a household could make in their whole lifetime. The state of poverty is so bad – that I couldn’t imagine how to live in that kind of environment. Lately – I’ve been dealing a lot of Bangladeshi, after the recent acquisition that made Accenture owns a majority of an IT arm of a local telco.

I hope one of these days, I would be able to visit Dhaka again. It’ll be great to see how the city has progressed after all these years.