Weekend Ride…


This morning, woke up pretty damn early…. thus drank a cup of coffee and suit up to go somewhere. To go where? Don’t know..

IMG 0234

The photo above – I was at the Senawang rest stop for a quick break. At that time, still I wasn’t sure where I wanna go. I was toying around the idea of either going to Muar or Malacca for breakfast. Though the idea is great, I wasn’t sure as I am on a low carb diet, thus my choices are limited.

IMG 0238

After Senawang, I rode all the way to Ayer Keroh, and exited there. In my mind was to go Bandar Melaka and find a place to eat. My tummy was already grumbling, and need to eat. The sugar level is quite low and getting a bit lightheaded, thus it is extremely important that I eat! So I stopped at this stall along Jalan Cheng. The funny part, I bumped into this dude from Santapan Impian in Tampin. He made the stop there before heading over a catering job. What a coincidence!

As I am trying to have a low carb diet, I had just a piece of chicken and two eggs :)

IMG 0237

Ooops – the food all gone. Too hungry :D

After, Melaka I keyed in Gemenceh as the next destination. Gemenceh is a border town between Melaka and Negeri Sembilan. Was hoping that the GPS will use national roads instead of PLUS highway… and guess what.. it did. I must say, the road between Melaka and Gemenceh is really nice. Apart of nice twisties, low traffic – the road was just recently resurfaced!

IMG 0239

Made a quick stop in Gemenceh. Heheheh.


IMG 0241

A bit of selfie moment…

IMG 0247

And….. I remembered I have a selfie stick! Woo hoo.. **don’t kill me for this** All machoness gone with this selfie stick.. Who cares la..

After Gemenceh, rode all the way to Tampin and then Seremban. From Gemenceh, mostly thru Road number 1.

.IMG 0253

Before that, a quick wee stop at Tampin… :)


Zainal Abidin


Last Tuesday I went to Pusaka Akar book launch organized by Landskap Malaysia. It was an extremely hot day but I guess the country is very hot.

As part of the launch, Zainal was invited to sing. Of course I couldn’t resist the chance to take a photo with him.

After taking the photo, I told him.. I thought it was prerecorded. Hahahha

Langkawi Ride – Day 1


Earlier last month, a whole bunch of us did a ride to Langkawi for a BMWMCM family day. It was a four days a fair from Friday to Monday. I had to take time off both Friday and Monday for the purpose of this event.


Friday morning we started the ride from Sungai Buloh at about 7am. From there we rode to Kuala Perlis which is in Kedah, bordering to Perlis. In fact, the ride brought me up all the way to Perlis then back into Kedah.

The funny part about the right, it was free and easy. I obviously rely on my BMW Navigator V to bring me there. With full of confidence, the GPS brought me thru a route that was longer than what I would expect. In fact, bulk of the guys took a different route. Me, Alex Puan and Alex Leong was somewhat lost. We did managed to find our way finally.

The downside of the trip is the ferry ride. I initially thought that the ferry ride was 45 mins. Nobody told me that the ride going to be 4 bloody hours. Damn long. But it’s ok, there’s always a first time.





On day 1, we reached Langkawi at about 630pm. And checked in to the hotel about 7pm. It was really really late.