Birthday Dinner With Family


IMG_0799Had a birthday dinner for Dad, my bro in law and my niece – Iffa at Pak John steamboat in Wangsa Walk. The food itself honestly was not that great. I was expecting better. But I guess I was not as hungry as I thought I would.

The concept of the restaurant is a combination of various things including steamboat, dim sum, grill and yong tau foo. Interesting indeed. What amuses me is that when I received the menu, there were only grill and steamboat. Dim sum was a totally separate menu altogether. The sauce itself was extremely spicy. Pretty disappointed…

Here’s the hyperlapse video..




Tidal Is Here!

tidal feature

Tidal is a streaming based music subscription similar to Spotify. The difference between Tidal and Spotify (and probably Pandora etc) is Tidal stream lossless music. Pairing Tidal to high quality audio equipment like Wadias, Grados, Mcintosh  – the sound quality would be awesome. It’s definitely not as good as those FLAC or DSD files that stream at more than 2000kbps, but at 1411kbps it does sound awesome!


I was monitoring tidal for a while. Didn’t expect it to be released in Malaysia that soon! Amazingly – within a month of it, it started. Yesterday in fact. The moment I saw it in – I immediately register for it. Downloaded the mobile apps and tadaaa. I couldn’t listen from the office as the high speed streaming won’t work in a corporate network :p

tidal front

Apart from high quality streaming, Tidal also have quite a good set of curated play list. I must say I am enjoying the it.


Please note that quality of the music really depending on your setup. If you just using a normal piece of earphones… no amps, don’t expect anything great. You probably fair better sticking to Spotify. I am now evaluating…. it’s 15 days trial period. Let’s see…

On thing that I didn’t like about Tidal – it doesn’t have a PC or Mac app.. I need to keep opening my browser to play. It’s good and bad…… I still like to have an offline capability. You know how internet can be – especially when you are travelling. Then again – beggars can’t be choosers. Note – IOS does have offline.


EPF Withdrawal at 60


Here’s my thoughts:

  1. Some people have too little money in EPF thus they won’t have enough money at 60 anyway. They will still struggle. If for 25 years they can’t make enough, how can 5 years makes a difference.
  2. If they retire without EPF – then it’s hard. They need a source of income – which is EPF.
  3. People who are well prepared for retirement – will need to adjust their timeline for money. But this is not an overnight change. 
  4. Fact – EPF monies not enough for retirement. 
  5. Some people use their retirement funds to fund their kids education, it’s noble but the kids will need to support them later otherwise they will be koyak. 

I myself struggling with retirement planning, I know EPF is not enough. I need to have multiple source of income in order to retire happy. Passive income!! 



This morning decided to ride to Taiping for brunch. I’ve worked hard for the whole week – really need this ride to loose some steam. Stop over at one of the rest area for a pee stop :)


After about 200km of riding, I arrived in front of Larut Matang. Serious I needed a very good mee mamak – thus the best choice is Mee Combat from Taiping! How I forget this.


As the mee combat shop was closed, and I was extremely hungry – given that I skipped dinner the night before, I had to eat Omar Popiah! Two pieces will keep me full while waiting for the mee combat place to open :)


This is seriously delicious.


After popiah, I did a quick walkabout looking at the hangouts. This used to be THE shopping place to hang out. But I guess now its just The Store.


This used to be the bus station where I take my Taiping Holiday express bus back and forth from home.


Larut Matang. The 1st floor is where I tailor made my pants. The bottom is the food court. Yum yum…


Whilst waiting for the mee combat, i helped myself for a serving of ABC. Damn good for a hot day!


This is the place. Patiently awaiting for my food.


Finally, after almost 280km ride.. the food..


Before I left home, decided to swing by my old school… MRSM Taiping. Spent a good two years here…


Arrived back home safely at 2pm.. happy and satisfied.. and back to work…