Still recovering


It has been almost 4 weeks since my mishap at the swimming pool. The pain has subsided. The size of my right leg is about the same as my left leg but there are still portions of the leg that’s still numb.

Standing up is still uncomfortable but not as bad as before. I suspect it’ll probably going to take me another month or so before I get back to normal. In fact, it’ll probably be 6 months or so before it’ll heal properly.

Soft tissue damage is not easy to heal. With age, it’s even worse.

My only gripe now is that I can’t really run or workout properly. But I guess it’s better that I let heal properly then I can go back to workout as normal.

It has been quite a traumatizing experience. Something which I didn’t expect. I classify this as an accident. 2 weeks of practically bed ridden.


Gone Girl


Due to my mishap two weeks ago, I pretty much forced to be “bedridden”. There’s not much I can do except for watching TV, surfing as stuffs like that. This morning I decided to watch the movie title Gone Girl.



I must say the movie is pretty damn good, and pretty damn sick too. Watch the trailer here:

Two main actors are Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike. The question is – do you know who exactly your partner is? Do you know their secrets? Do you really really know them?

The movie is so fudged up! Its a drama about a husband(Nick) who one day came back and realized that the the wife(Amy) missing. Everybody is like hated him and accused him of murdering the wife. On the contrary, the wife crafted an evil meticulous plan to disappear with the objective to get Nick to be convicted of murder. The reason is that she found out that Nick cheated on her with a pretty young girl. But as it progressed, Amy encountered some issues and had to change her plan. Man – she is really crazy….

My verdict – the movie is pretty damn good, and scary too. A must watch..

It’s the new year..


I guess it’s the new year. Every year we all think about new resolutions, new start etc etc.

Honestly, though I think it’s great but all great things does not need to have a start date, great things can start anytime. We just need to have a plan and start as soon as we thought about it.

This year, I spent the new year in bed. Nursing an injured leg( due to my earlier mishap) and bad food poisoning. What a way to start right?

Well – we need to move on and I have the feeling that this year will be a great year(despite a challenging 2014).