Part 1-4 Supreme Law of the Federation

This is a continuation of my series of Federal Constitution. I should title the series to be Keyboard Warrior Guide to Federal Constitution of Malaysia, perhaps not. Its such a sacred document.

Today’s series will go on Part 1 – 4, the Supreme Law of the Federation. Here is the actual constitution:

Part 1-4



Few thoughts:

  1. Federal Constitution is the SUPREME law of the federation. No other law will supersede this law. I guess – the following quote will work – “When In Doubt – Go With Federal Constitution”
  2. Federal Constitution will not be questioned at all
  3. I am confused with part 3 of this article… gosh.. Read it about 10 times still don’t get it!
  4. Same as 3… gosh

I guess this is a very confusing part… Maybe because it’s too early in the morning.



Just for reference:

Clause 2 of Article 9



Clause 2 of Article 10


Part 1 – 3 Religion of Federation

Continuation of my write up on the constitution

part 1-3


Few points to ponder:

  1. Islam is the official religion of Malaysia but it does not mean that other religion cannot be practiced.
  2. States with rulers (Sultan) – the Head of religion would be the Sultan. Conference of rulers might extend this position or powers to Agong.
  3. Head of religion for Penang, Malacca, Sabah and Sarawak is YDP Agong.
  4. Head of religion for the Federal Territories is YDP Agong.

Well – I supposed in the state constitution its stated that the ruler or Sultan for the states will need to be a Muslim, otherwise there is a contradiction between the Head of religion versus the official religion.