Cloud Services anybody?

What is cloud services?

  • Networked of servers and storage work as a common infrastructure to provide dynamic computing power and storage.
  • My opinion – popularised by Amazon.
  • Public cloud services are cheap depending on the type of consumption.
  • Amazon provides Micro instances that is free for the first year. This allow anybody to tryout the service.
  • The power of cloud computing is that the infrastructure would be able to scale dynamically. Theoretically it can be unlimited.
  • With the power of dynamic scaling, cost can be reduced significantly. Moving from the age where we buy infrastructure based on what we think the peak usage is, or based on annual projection to what we actually use (with a certain level of lee way).

What the hell that I blog on cloud:

  • I just feel like it..
  • I was replying few emails on cloud with my colleagues over in Australia


Over and out….


Honestly – I hardly take picture with my dad. The photo attached is the photo of me and my dad in Abu Dhabi in a trip last year. First time in the middle eastern desert! The last time I was in a desert was in …. .err Vegas

It was a fun trip – loads of cholesterol inducing food. Need to lose more kgs before going to such trip again!


My dad …

Sam Sarujee Intro Video from Fazlee Rezuan on Vimeo.

Lean Canteen

The next two weeks I will be trying out a new thing – which is pre-cooked meals for my daily diet. Pre-cooked meals in general makes my daily life a lot easier because of the following reasons:

  • All meals are planned
  • No impulsive makan
  • Generally healthy food (if I get the healthy ones)
  • No major cleaning required
  • More organized..

So after many contemplation, and many procrastination, I finally decided…


So – what’s my target for Lean Canteen, I am not sure really. Let’s see. I am going to try this out for the next two weeks and see whether it has any significant impact. The calorie for each meal is quite good – on average about 500 calories. With having two meals a day – that will make my calorie intake to be about 1000 just on food. Add 400 for breakfast and another 600 misc (juices etc), I would be downing about 2000 calories a day, about 1000 calories less than what I should take. With a decent 1000 calories exercise – it’ll be an average daily deficit of about 2000 calories.

So now this is a plan, will this work? I don’t know.

Ride Up North…

This morning – me an Alexander Puan decided to go out riding. After few whatsapp, we decided to go “North” – where “North” not sure, we just ride where the bike takes us (or GPS guide us lah).

So – we left at approximately 8am – RV at Sg Buloh, we exited at Bukit Tagar and then headed over to Felda Sg Tengi then to Soeharto for a quick breakfast. From there we headed towards Behrang then used Road Number 1 and headed toward Sungkai where I did a quick refuel (GSA don’t need to.)

After Sungkai, took the Bidor bypass and head towards Teluk Intan, instead of going straight thru the Bidor-Teluk Intan road, the GPS directed us to a small turning, which was C road (can’t remember the name) – we passed thru an array of green paddy field. Couldn’t resist and we stopped at took photo. We continue further to head towards Teluk Intan, where we did a quick stop for coffee.

After coffee we continued riding towards Bagan Datoh but turned slightly earlier as we were planning to go thru coast road (Road Number 5) back home. The road from Teluk Intan to Bagan Datoh was super boring and dangerous, bumpy and busy with cars. The traffic was obviously crazy. We turned in Kg Parit – and use the roads along the paddy field. The GPS went crazy and directed us everywhere, some instances we did cross Jalan Sungai Panjang. Was hoping to pass thru Selera Rimba – but didn’t.

After going thru the maze of straight roads, we finally got back to Road Number 5 – closer to Sabak Bernam. Can see the traffic started to buildup and as we got close to Tanjung Karang – the traffic was on a bumper to bumper crawl. Just as we pass Sekinchan, Alex said comes lets go have lunch. Tadaaa.. since its just two of us, we ordered two plates of seafood plus one vege. We had small prawns cooked with chili, deep fried bawal masak sweet and sour, and vege. The food was superdawesomest…

With heavy luggage in the tummy – we rode back. The road from Sekinchan to LATAR was crazy jam. I think total all in all, from Tanjung Karang to LATAR – easily about 50km. I guess good for me – traffic filtering exercise. Sorry Alex for being so slow..

After the crazy jam, we got to LATAR and as we got to NSE – we hit another jam from Sg Buloh all the way back. We split ways on NSE..

All in all – weather was cooling, company was great, road was awesome and food was fantastic…