Japan Food

  1. Completely have no clue what my plans are. 
  2. All I know is that food is great in Osaka. 
  3. I should be cutting my carbs.. Yet I am going to a place where most of the food are paired with rice. 
  4. Hopefully I’ll enjoy my trip. I am sure I will!

Going to Japan


It’s a first for everything..

  1. This is the first time I am going Japan. 
  2. Also the first time that I am taking AirAsia X. 
  3. Also the first time I am using OptionTown for upgrades. 

Oh man. Am extremely sleepy now. In a cab going to KLIA2 to catch my flight at 815am. Need to do counter check in so that I can get my upgrade. Hopefully can. Haha.  
I really hate going KLIA. Damn far. Damn slow. But I guess need to lor. Following are some of the things that I am looking forward too:

  1. Good food
  2. Great food
  3. More good food
  4. Cold weather 

Let’s see how I survive this trip. Hehe




In the past couple of days – I got myself a drone – Phantom 3 Advanced. I’ve been salivating over this drone for couple of months, and finally managed to get myself to spend a few dough (large sum of money!) to buy this drone. Not quite sure what exactly I am going to do with this, but I guess doing aerial photography/videography is something that I might venture into.


Flying the drone itself is super easy. The electronics that is driven both from vision and GPS sensors allow the drone to hover and stabilise itself in most of situation. Couple with a light bridge link – where a paired iPad to show a “pilot” view of the drone itself. It’s pretty awesome. Super simple, super easy.

The difficult part of this drone is to be able to shoot that awesome video or photo! Not so simple. And plus given that that my photography editing skills is rusty – make the whole process to be hmmm – not so simple. Find few videos below of my “training missions”.

Sunrise@Metropolitan Park

Edited using Final Cut Pro X (Trial!).

Test Flight at Tanjung Malim


Test Flight at Metropolitan Park


First Drone Flight in Putrajaya

Going to be  along time before I can shoot the awesome videos.

Osmo Test – Driving


Today I brought out the Osmo – on the way to the dentist. I wanted to see how good is the gimbal given how bumpy is the DUKE highway. When looking at the video, need to to part particular attention to the shaky dashboard versus the stable horizon.

If you focus just on the horizon, you will notice that the horizon is generally very stable, and if you look at the dashboard and side mirrors, you can see that the car keep moving up and down due to the bumpiness of the highway.

This will be awesome if I can mount it on my bike, but due to the fact that I am using RT, there’s no particular mount that I can use.