Missing my GS


It has been about 1.5 years since I sold off my GS. It’s really a nice bike. For the amount of money that I sold it, I should have kept it. It’s seriously a versatile bike that will allow me to go places that I never imagine I would go.

Having this bike honestly – It’s nice, but due to the bulkiness, I am pretty scared going to small roads. Exploration is seriously limited with this bike.



What I honestly enjoy is not to go thru the highways, but extremely small country roads. Meeting the locals. It’s not about the speed that we ride, but it’s about how we far we can explore. Perhaps I should start saving money, and consider buying a GS again. GSA could be good.. hehe…

Let’s see how my financial looks like in the next couple of months…


Crashing Ringgit


in the past couple of weeks – we can see that ringgit to US dollar has been crashing like mad. I remember us having a $1 to MYR3.5 earlier this year. That’s generally ok but still expensive to be honest. In the recent weeks – that rate has been going up and up, to about 4.1. That’s really bad. 

In the past we’ve been always talking about the psychological level of 3.8 – which is the point where we peg our currency, back during the financial crisis in 1997. The following chart shows the trend. 

If you can see, in a chart since 2014 – the ringgit has been sliding from 3.1. Honestly – I am not particularly sure what’s going on. I suspect it’s the political stability but I might be wrong. There are data points that leads towards a general USD up valuation across multiple Asian currencies. I might be wrong. 

I am in two side of the coins. As ringgit goes down – my USD investments are actually going upwards. And this is definitely a positive sign. Though I wish a lot more of my investments was there. Earlier this year – I saw my investments value dropped due to ringgit gaining. But it wasn’t that bad as most of my investments went up more than the devaluation of USD. Now it’s the other way around, with double up – suddenly I got a gain of almost 15% in the last three months. Perfect. 

I will find a challenge when I travel as the value of my currency is low. Don’t even need to go far. Going down south to Singapore will be an expensive affair. I suspect it’ll touch 1-3 in the next 6 months. 

Let’s see where this take me…..

Just feeling swamped


It has been almost 8 months since I’ve landed at this new client. It’s a test of my endurance of working hard. 

I wouldn’t labeled myself as a workaholic but I just want to get things done and achieve what I need to achieve. Sometimes timing might not be right but we all have to push hard so that we are able to get what we want. 

Perseverance is key. There’s no way I be where I want without have the perseverance and dedication. There are good times and there are bad times. There at relaxing times and there are stressful times. Just need to push on and be on the ball at all times. 

The amount of time I dedicated to the work this year is just amazing. I have sacrificed quite a lot from times with loved ones and health. Though the health is more of me being down due to injuries. Not getting younger I guess. 

I sure hope that I would be able to recover from this awesome adventure and drive on for more success. 

I also need to start looking at work life balance. Working 14-15 hours a day is no way good for anybody. 

Weekly Whinings #2 What’s Happening to The Country


***personal opinion***

It has been many weeks since we heard about the article in which WSJ claims that there was 2.6B transferred to the Prime Minister’s account. 

A task force has been set up to investigate the massive allegation. That 2.6B is so much that I cannot imagine what would I do with it if I have it. Though I am confident that I would be able to finish it!

From that point onwards, things has been spiraling downwards. Days after – another article was posted about the alleged transfer of 2M to the Premier’s wife. Man. That’s a lot of money to be transferred. 

I have heard about various law regarding the control of capital flows – especially from overseas. This is to ensure that we would be able to manage and handle money launderers. 

Anyway – after Raya everything begins:

  1. Deputy Prime Minister who was vocal about 1MDB gets replaced. 
  2. The attorney general who was in the task force gets replaced. 
  3. Three of the PAC member including chairman was given a “promotion” to executive posts, forcing them to resign. 

Subsequent from that – various MACC officers has been reprimanded and questions by the police, including two directors who are Datuk. No reason given as far as I read the news – I might be wrong. 

And then – MACC announced that the 2.6B is a cash donation from overseas. Followed by the fact that political donation are allowed in this country. Huh. To a personal account??

I am not a lawyer but this is getting too much. I hope that all these allegations are false. 

I am just stating what I remember after reading various news article. I might get my facts wrong but I hope I got my gist right!

Weekly Ranting #2- AG replaced, TPM changed, PAC reshuffled…

Despite being extremely busy at work today, I managed to open up my browser and checkout The Star. Saw the headline sounded like this – Cabinet Reshuffle At 3PM to be announced. Oh shit, what’s happening. I was at Pak Lah’s open house last Sunday – and saw PM and then TPM having a good time eating, and chatting away. I don’t suspect anything going to happen. Soon after – barrage of comments came from then TPM and heck… what’s happening.

I am not so much of a political ranter – but at times I do find such news of event interests me. Anyway, here are the three big news of today…

News #1 AG replaced


News #2 – TPM Changed


News #3 PAC shuffled



You gotta be shitting me. News #1 seems to be really crazy. A-G is one of the member of the task force that was assigned to investigate on the supposedly AmBank scandal. I would not want to speculate if there are any malicious about this, but common sense somewhat pointing the whole action be related to it. Honestly I don’t think its a good idea to do it now. The news stated that the reason of that movement is due to health reason. I sure hope that its is true, so that our dear A-G can have a rest and recover well from what ever the health problem is. Though – some of the news report create some suspicion, which I don’t know how to compute. Allegedly, the A-G himself does not even aware that he was out of the job…. 

News #2 – fine. PM has the right to choose his cabinet. So he can do what ever he choose fit. I don’t know how good is the new TPM. Wish him all the best for his new role. It’s not an easy role.

News #3 – is something which I am extremely concerned as a citizen. Appointing Datuk Nur Jazlan as a DPM – effectively will result in him to not be qualified to be PAC chairman. Apparently – there were 2 more members who were “promoted” in the reshuffling. The news also mentioned that with the result of this, PAC hearings will be postponed until a new PAC chairman be appointed. Haih. I am keen to see what’s in the report for 1MDB. Haih..

Such development is very bold and effectively rocked the nation. Despite repeatedly PM said that the whole thing was done to build public trust.. haih… 

Now, let’s wait for what Tun M going to say…