Weekly Ranting #2- AG replaced, TPM changed, PAC reshuffled…

Despite being extremely busy at work today, I managed to open up my browser and checkout The Star. Saw the headline sounded like this – Cabinet Reshuffle At 3PM to be announced. Oh shit, what’s happening. I was at Pak Lah’s open house last Sunday – and saw PM and then TPM having a good time eating, and chatting away. I don’t suspect anything going to happen. Soon after – barrage of comments came from then TPM and heck… what’s happening.

I am not so much of a political ranter – but at times I do find such news of event interests me. Anyway, here are the three big news of today…

News #1 AG replaced


News #2 – TPM Changed


News #3 PAC shuffled



You gotta be shitting me. News #1 seems to be really crazy. A-G is one of the member of the task force that was assigned to investigate on the supposedly AmBank scandal. I would not want to speculate if there are any malicious about this, but common sense somewhat pointing the whole action be related to it. Honestly I don’t think its a good idea to do it now. The news stated that the reason of that movement is due to health reason. I sure hope that its is true, so that our dear A-G can have a rest and recover well from what ever the health problem is. Though – some of the news report create some suspicion, which I don’t know how to compute. Allegedly, the A-G himself does not even aware that he was out of the job…. 

News #2 – fine. PM has the right to choose his cabinet. So he can do what ever he choose fit. I don’t know how good is the new TPM. Wish him all the best for his new role. It’s not an easy role.

News #3 – is something which I am extremely concerned as a citizen. Appointing Datuk Nur Jazlan as a DPM – effectively will result in him to not be qualified to be PAC chairman. Apparently – there were 2 more members who were “promoted” in the reshuffling. The news also mentioned that with the result of this, PAC hearings will be postponed until a new PAC chairman be appointed. Haih. I am keen to see what’s in the report for 1MDB. Haih..

Such development is very bold and effectively rocked the nation. Despite repeatedly PM said that the whole thing was done to build public trust.. haih… 

Now, let’s wait for what Tun M going to say…

Weekly Rantings #1 – 1MDB, Information Overload, Miscommunication


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In the past couple of months, we have been beleaguered with a lot of news about the embezzlement, mismanagement, corruption, money laundering, fraud and etc on 1MDB. I am not a politically inclined person, but such news does create a lot of worry to me.


The main thing about 1MDB started with the RM42billion scandal that supposedly went missing (the numbers might be wrong). Yes the amount seems to be a lot but to the bigger scheme of things – its not an amount that will bring down Malaysia to the state where its similar to Greece. Our GDP is way way much bigger than this. Similarly, the amount of debt that was accumulated by the PTPTN is also about the same amount. Though PTPTN is somewhat more understandable as at the very least with the amount of loan – we will get quite a huge number of educated (or what every they call it).

So many things are happening!

To be honest, there has been a lot of buzz about 1MDB about who’s at fault, how its connected to to the political powers, about the bosses here and there. Everyday I open the news, I can see new articles about what has happened. From the money laundering, to some directors being remanded. Man – to be honest, as I was telling my friends – the whole scandal would make a good Hollywood movie, if it was a scandal. I don’t know.

Information Overload

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 8.34.28 AM

There are too many information out there, and I don’t who to trust. From SarawakReport to Utusan (really?) to The Star, The Edge. Damn a lot a weih. As a citizen of this country, with the access of the information, hopefully we have the level of maturity to be able to decide what is right and what is wrong. What to believe and what’s not to believe. I seriously don’t know whether our society is matured enough to handle the great amount of information. In the past decades, the information are controlled thru various means. From the news that you see on TV to what is released on papers.

With the electronic age, all the news are available at our fingertips. Just do a quick google – we probably can see so many things. Question – do we trust everything that we read?

The answer – at least for me is NO. Responsible journalism? Responsible blogging? There’s no governance what so ever out there. Yes – the news outlets probably has that but a lot of the other things.. NO. Too many people are putting news on what they think is right, and there are too many people too who just read the headlines and shared it with their friends. Next thing you know – the whole world thinks that the sky is blue, the sun is cold and the moon is hot.

Viral – is it wrong?

Honestly – I am NOT saying that the news are all wrong. I am saying is that we need to take everything with a pinch of salt. When people say A – we need to have the decency to make our own research to qualify this. The world is way too open out there for us to spread false news. As much as sometimes we are emotionally driven, we need to maintain our composure to make sure we don’t spread the wrong news.

Miscommunication at its best


I give for example the Lowyat incident few weeks ago. There are so many information out there that I have no clue what’s happening. The only thing I know is that there has been videos about fightings – racial tensions between different races.

Is it true? I am not so sure.

Did the guy stole the phone?

Was he cheated in the process?

Crazy shit yo! And reading the comments that was posted by different people just amuses me. Am I missing something – where is the information. Or is there some misinformation out there.


Anyway – the world is changing – or rather changed. We need to be wise with our opinion – especially what we post on the Internet. It will end up somewhere somehow.As much as we want to keep it private, it won’t be private. Let’s make sure we process our information properly – before we decide what to post.


Raya 2015


So this year, is another year of Eid. It has been quite a troubling year with a loads of work. I’ve been working so hard during fasting month – in fact it’s probably one of the most busiest Ramadan ever. Most of the nights I will be breaking my fast in front of my laptop. In fact, towards the end – I had to delay my breaking fast because I was stucked in a meeting. I sure hope that it’s all worth. It’s tough – it’s really tough. Most of my days I will be stucked in a conference calls or meetings(which is good) because it kind of clear my mind – but to be honest it’s just hard to my body. Throat continuously be dry and energy level dropped. In fact, towards the last two weeks of Ramadan – I kept missing my sahur (morning meal) because I was too tired to wake up. Even if I wake up, I will just drink a glass of water and sleep. Challenging I must say. Again this year – I had no time to prepare for Raya. No new baju melayu. Sad life. But it is what it is. In fact, I cannot remember when the last time I made myself a baju melayu. Sad sad. It’s ok. My goal next year is to be more festive. Hopefully.

This year – My festive leave has been cut short because of work commitments. Initially I wanted to take leave until Wednesday, but due to development at work – I guess I have to cut my leave to just the standard 3 days until Sunday. No choice really. I know it’s bad but work will take precedence in this case. There are things that I’ve been working for 6 months that’s start bearing fruit – and it’s the last mile. If I don’t push it thru – 6 months of effort will go to waste. I hope after all is done, I will be able to get a good long holiday to kind of reset my clock and passion.

Anyway – enough of whining. Back to festive mood **hopefully**

The following photo is a photo of me and my family. Look how grown up they have been:


Following are some of our past photos!


_MG_2709 _DSC8122 _DSC4785


I just noticed

I just noticed that my photo was used on Lowyat.Net… without my permission. But I did set it to public .. hmm



And here’s my photo.. on my flickr page..


But at least, there was a credit…


Interesting.. hahah.. its ok lar..


Motorcycle vs Cyclist


When I was cycling actively, I always wonder how dangerous it is to cycle on the roads. The cycling apparels are not enough to protection person from accident. Imagine – the lycra and the shorts not gonna sustain any fall at all. In comparison to motorcyclist who typically adhere to ATGAAT (All The Gear At All Times) – we are more protected. In fact you look at the helmet, a lot of difference. The DOT certified helmets are way more stronger that the cycling helmet.

The following video shows me overtaking a cyclist on the Ulu Yam road. Its quite amazing to see cyclist who are pretty damn fast on open roads.


In fact – in some instances, they do get quite annoying. Many moons ago I blog about the incident where I fell on open road. Pretty damn dangerous. Sigh. My roads was blocked by cyclist who decided to take up the whole section of the road. And it being a double line on blind corner, it’s way too dangerous for me to over take. Since then, I was a bit smarter which is to honk whenever I can see cyclist blocking my lane on a blind corner. Obviously it does help to go slow.

Looking at this video, I do feel like I miss cycling, but I am still not certain whether I am able to comprehend the safety aspects of it. I remember cycling almost 25km daily – non-stop, but after taking up motorcycling, haih – too dangerous. Way too dangerous (cycling I mean).