Another local delicacies that I would have every Ramadan. Usually, the queue for this stall is way too long – therefore I will only make my way to buy this food towards the end of Ramadan.

The stall itself

20140720 182730 Android


The seller is actually towards the end. Normally, the queue is so long. Today is fine!

20140720 182757 Android


The makcik that makes the popiah.

20140720 182929 Android


There’s two types of popiah being sold. One is fried and the other one is the “wet” kind which is called Popiah Basah. Awesome. One packed consists of 5 pieces cost RM5.00.

RT is still not rideable…

It has been about a month since I mentioned in my blog that my bike was recalled - http://blog.mohamadfazli.com/?p=5668. So sad. A month after, there still has not been any news on when the bike would be ready. The only thing which I received from BMW was a form which I needed to fill up.


The form give me three options as stated here:



In summary the options are as follows:

Package A
Courtesy bike and cash voucher worth RM3000 AND Choose between C600 sport or C600GT or F800GT
Package B
Courtesy bike and cash voucher worth RM3000 AND K1600GTL
Package C
Courtesy bike and cash voucher worth RM5000

I have submitted my form back to the dealer 1st July, and yet until today – I still haven’t gotten any feedback. Really miss my bike… and miss riding it too :(


When will i get it… :(

Raja Murtabak… a revisit

Yonks ago, I uploaded a youtube on Raja Murtabak. The video is as follows:

I must say, this is one of the most awesomeness murtabak that I ever had. Video was first uploaded back in 2009…


5 years after 2009, the stall is still there, and I am still a fan of the raja murtabak. I still cannot find any other murtabak that is better than this. Every fasting month, I will go to Pasar Ramadan Taman Tun to specifically look for this murtabak. And, I would buy it almost every time I break fast in my parents place. My parents also love the murtabak. Honestly, if I want to waste my calorie intake on murtabak, this will be the murtabak!

20140720 182212 Android

People are still buying it!

20140720 182229 Android

The price is still the same also! Love it!