I just noticed

I just noticed that my photo was used on Lowyat.Net… without my permission. But I did set it to public .. hmm



And here’s my photo.. on my flickr page..


But at least, there was a credit…


Interesting.. hahah.. its ok lar..


Motorcycle vs Cyclist


When I was cycling actively, I always wonder how dangerous it is to cycle on the roads. The cycling apparels are not enough to protection person from accident. Imagine – the lycra and the shorts not gonna sustain any fall at all. In comparison to motorcyclist who typically adhere to ATGAAT (All The Gear At All Times) – we are more protected. In fact you look at the helmet, a lot of difference. The DOT certified helmets are way more stronger that the cycling helmet.

The following video shows me overtaking a cyclist on the Ulu Yam road. Its quite amazing to see cyclist who are pretty damn fast on open roads.


In fact – in some instances, they do get quite annoying. Many moons ago I blog about the incident where I fell on open road. Pretty damn dangerous. Sigh. My roads was blocked by cyclist who decided to take up the whole section of the road. And it being a double line on blind corner, it’s way too dangerous for me to over take. Since then, I was a bit smarter which is to honk whenever I can see cyclist blocking my lane on a blind corner. Obviously it does help to go slow.

Looking at this video, I do feel like I miss cycling, but I am still not certain whether I am able to comprehend the safety aspects of it. I remember cycling almost 25km daily – non-stop, but after taking up motorcycling, haih – too dangerous. Way too dangerous (cycling I mean).

Apple Music


Apple Music was launched on 30th June – and I was looking forward for it. This is because I wanted something that is more built in to the Apple ecosystem. It was an easy decision as there’s a 3 months free trial. Just press the button and done!

The challenge for Apple Music, would be whether the quality that I get out of Apple Music will match the quality of Spotify. I have no reservation on the completeness of the library. Apple has been in the online music business much longer than anybody else. Their library surely will be much more complete.



I was pretty disappointed with the updates on iTunes for a few reasons:

ONE – The 12.2 update came in like 12 hours after the launch of Apple Music. Damn man. Was waiting for it forever, and even after I went to work the next morning, it was still not there yet!

TWO – It feels very clunky, could be because my Mac is damn old but heck, its still damn clunky. Come on, I need something light and fast. If any consolation – its definitely faster than my Spotify client :p

THREE – I have no idea to reject the suggestion that was given by iTunes (For You). From the iPhone – it was pretty damn easy, but from iTunes???? Come on…


But in anyway – I am ok with it. It doesn’t kill me. So ok lor….


iOS App

IMG 0969

This is a completely different story altogether. The UI is initially a bit confusing, but after getting used to it, not much issue. There are couple of annoying bugs like adding to playlist does not work if the playlist is empty. But resolvable. I am sure in the next update they will resolve it.



As I mentioned earlier, one of the key thing that I wanted with my music is the apple ecosystem. Even though I am not fully apple-ed due to my gaming rig, generally my surfing and working I am interacting with either my iPhone or my Mac. I am still trying to figure out how to sort out my riding music – as my iPhone is way too big to be slotted into the bike, and I am not willing to trade my iPhone 6 plus to a smaller screen phone. Getting old la! Cannot see much. :)

The quality of music is also an issue. I am not sure how many bit is Apple Music, but Spotify definitely way better. Putting on my amplifier and audiophile-ish headphones and earphones, I can tell the difference. Perhaps I need to put a pair of “fake-isn sound” headphones then I can listen to better music…

All in all – it is what it is. Just enjoy the music!





Memories.. Cuscapi


The photo taken was back when I was in Cuscapi – as the VP for Consulting Services. It was to celebrate birthday for few of my colleagues and also farewell for two interns that joined us for a short period of time. This was one of the best team I ever had – and my memories will continue to cherish working in the company :)

Memories… MRSM


It has been more than 20 years since I last left MRSM Taiping. Considered my high school. Great memories I must say. Staying in hostel is definitely different from staying at home with my parents. As much as people can say about being away when you are so young, the things I learnt in MRSM Taiping has shaped who I am today.

I must say – when I first started in MRSM Taiping, I did experienced homesickness. Years after, I can also admit that I did cried once or twice as I felt so lonely. Making new friends from different parts of Malaysia is not easy. I was not the most sociable person at that time. Months after – I managed to get  myself used to it and I must say some of the best years were in the school.

The following photo shows me and my class mate. Clearly we did had fun then. Each of my friends has gone their own way, some has become doctors, some making millions out of the O&G sector, some still in university trying to get their doctorate. Heck – that’s life.


The photo below shows me and my home room-mates. Home room is a system that was adopted to create a sense of family. Each home room has 5-6 students. As I recalled my home room is Zamrud D. This is one of the few photos. Do I look happy? Yes I did…



Couple of weeks ago, I did visit my school, it has changed… a lot.


I wish I’ve taken more photos when I was in school – but I guess it is what it is.. :)

The whole batch!

The whole batch!