So raya is done…

Lately in the past couple of years – Raya has just been another holiday for me. In fact this year, Raya seriously – getting a bit too monotonous. My activity during Raya for the past two days has been:

First Day Raya

5.30am Wake Up

5.35am Drink Coffee

5.40am Row 7km

7.30am Shower

8.00am Head to mosque for prayers

9.00am Balik “kampung”

11.00am Salam salam with family

12.00pm Go to gym!

2.00pm Go to open house in Sri Damansara

5.00pm back home.. sleep.


Second Day Raya

6.00am Wake up

8.00am Row 7km

5.00pm Balik “Kampung”

Not so exciting isn’t it. In fact – to what I remember, I have not made baju raya since 2008. That’s about six years! Well – fact of the matter I don’t really wear Baju Melayu, so kind of lazy to go and make, and use it only twice a year. Well – I even forgot where I put the baju melayu buttons! Need to get some I guess..

So anyway – here’s some of the photos from the raya this year. He he. Some are curiked from my sister!


Mum with Hissa


Abah with Hissa


Parents with Hissa


Nisah and parents…


Yours truly….

Photo 2 JPG


Photo 1

And me with my fictitious beard…

A hari raya song for all..


Read this in The Star today:


Few thoughts:
1 – Let go of PR
2 – ask SG government to abolish VEP. We probably need more money to maintain the roads more than them
3 – VEP is a good control measure.

VEP is our right, the thing is why we did not do this much earlier.

Big Mac index???

Big Mac Index is one of those age old modern gauge to describe how world affordability is divided.



Obviously as an index, the reference is set on a particular country. With the one published on economist, it has been set to be reference against United States. So where do Malaysia sit in the whole scheme of things?



Not bad I must say. We are very much cheaper than a lot of places in ASEAN. In fact, in the world we are considered damn cheap. Though honestly, looking at the Mcdonald’s prices in Malaysia – I must say the price is kind of expensive!

To play around – go ahead to this site..